How to Help


It takes many volunteers to help with an organization like the Mission.  We have only one paid staff person; everyone else is a volunteer. At this time, we could use possible help from skilled contractors to work on our building projects.  We also have a food train which is comprised of volunteers who are on a rotating schedule to provide a hot breakfast on Sunday morning prior to the worship service. (click here to sign-up)

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer,
contact or

In-Kind Donations

Clothing:  We currently have very limited space to take clothing, but we do have a need for warm coats and winter boots.  We could also use bedding and strong tents.

Furniture:  When the homeless get stable housing, they typically have nothing to put in the apartment.  We don’t have storage at this time to keep furniture; however, please contact us if you have furniture to give away.  We may be able to find someone who needs it.  Contact

Financial Contributions

  • Support our operational expenses:  Rent at our temporary location, our mortgage, insurance, utilities, property taxes, property repair and maintenance, van expenses, supplies
  • Support for our outreach to pay hotel rooms, food, clothing, etc. for the homeless when necessary
  • Support the salary for our very special social worker, Jean
  • Internet, bank charges, food
  • Support our build renovation fund to get properties renovated. Check our Facebook page for specific fundraising campaigns. 

Our Promise

The Mission is committed to continuing to operate as an honest, open and efficient organization that engages with the community and the churches of Southern Maryland.  We are excited about the staff and volunteers who comprise our Mission team.  We hope that you will join us by praying, volunteering and donating.